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I think I did pretty well,
considering I started out with nothing but
a bunch of blank paper.
Steve Martin

Life is Hard...
Or So You Think

Lynn Howell

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered,  
“Is this all there is?

Surely there must be more to life than this!”

In times of desperation, it’s hard to believe anything better than what you’re experiencing here and now exists, right? The future seems uncertain and unclear, clouded by current struggles and life events. But a better life does exist . . . and you can have it right here and right now. 
In Life Is Hard . . . Or So You Think, author Lynn Howell demonstrates how you can obtain the “peace that passes understanding.” Through powerful and poignant stories that vary from funny airport mishaps to tragic difficulties, such as the death of a loved one, Lynn provides guidance based on her personal and professional experience for moving past desperation to dependence on God. 
Lynn’s writing is authentic and transparent, allowing you to easily relate to her, her life complications, and how she conquered them. Perhaps you will see yourself in similar situations and, in turn, find a relationship with Christ and the freedom He affords you, just as Lynn has done.

Don’t pass up this chance for a better life. 
You hold the secrets in your hand. 
Buy this book today and find the treasure you seek.
A Caregiver's Workbook
to Take Control

Lori Janacek, R.N.

Your loved one has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The terrifying storm is coming! You can't hide. What do you do now?

The key to surviving the approaching storm is preparation. Getting ready in advance. Knowing what to expect. Having a practical plan in place. Finding effective ways to take control before the storm hits.
        Author Lori Janacek, RN, certified forensic nurse, and Alzheimer's specialist has a unique, interactive workbook to give you the help and easy-to-understand answers you need. Out of her 10 years' experience with Alzheimer's patients and families, Lori gives you the facts no one else is telling you-the facts to help you prepare for, manage, and navigate the difficult journey ahead.
        A handy 3-ring binder format that is expandable as needed. And so much more! The Alzheimer's! workbook is loaded with proven, commonsense solutions for day-to-day challenges you'll face as a caregiver as your loved one's disease progresses. There's truly no other resource available that is as practical and useful as this one.

Begin taking control today. Get your copy of this extremely valuable workbook. Do it for your loved one. Do it for yourself.
And do it now . . . before the storm comes!

Unlocking the Dream
The Voice of God in Your Sleep

Dr. Renny McLean

God has been speaking to you through supernatural dreams all your life, adding meaning and power for living. Why? Because dreams are the voice of God specifically for you.

By understanding your dreams, you can live out the amazing reality God has planned for you. Dreams can shape your thinking, your company, and your environment. They set you apart for success.
       You can dream your business, and God can give you a plan for achieving it. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility!

Entendiendo Los Sueños 
(Spanish Edition)
La Voz de Dios en Tus Sueños 

Dr. Renny McLean

Dios le ha estado hablando a través de sueños sobrenaturales toda su vida, añadiendo significado y poder para vivir. ¿Por qué? Porque los sueños son la voz de Dios específicamente para usted.

Al entender sus sueños, usted puede vivir la asombrosa realidad que Dios ha planeado para usted. Los sueños pueden dar forma a su pensamiento, a su empresa y a su entorno. Lo distinguen de los demás por su éxito. Usted puede soñar su negocio, y Dios puede darle un plan para lograrlo. ¡Nada está fuera del ámbito de lo posible!

Unlikely Friends in Heaven
Pat Devereaux

Heaven is a wonderful place! It's so amazing only God could create it. Things in heaven are so much sweeter and more joyful than on earth. So, people, animals, and birds that could not live together in peace on earth become Unlikely Friends in Heaven. This delightful alphabet book shows us how happy and fun heaven will be where all God's animals-from A to Z-are no longer enemies but special friends.

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