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Alexiana Fry

Writing, Theological Editor

Alexiana has always been an excessive reader, and from there birthed a love and joy for words and the way they fit together in a sentence, flowing into paragraphs and books. Although fairly new to the writing world, she has loved every hard and good minute of trying her hand at this new art.

Her bachelor’s degree is in Worship Arts from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she forged a heart for theology and helping others to see God rightly. From there, she went to start her Master of Divinity at Westminster Theological Seminary in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, and is finishing up at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary while serving at her local church by teaching classes on Scripture and how to read it.

Because of those life experiences, Alexiana’s gifting isn’t just writing, but proof reading and editing from a theological perspective, making sure what is written is correct and not misleading when it pertains to Christian orthodoxy.  

Alexiana has now written for Desiring God, Gospel Centered Discipleship, and Servants of Grace, and blogs regularly at her own site called She enjoys hot coffee in even the heat of summertime, and time with her husband, James.

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