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CES Published Books

Thanks so much for the two books by Sheila Bailey--Makeovers with Leftovers and the Inheritance. Great reading. Definitely thoughtfully written. The subject matter is so important. Well stated and written with a sensitivity that there are more losses than only a spouse. The content as well as the writing, are both so well done, and the editing is beautiful. I want to congratulate your publishing skills.


Mary Streck, a reader

Thank you, Mary. This has been an awesome experience, and I thank God I chose you and Creative Enterprises Studio! Thank you for being a person of your word. There was never a time when I felt you weren't in my corner and taking care of business! May God continue to bless your company and your life. I have the feeling that your spirit and that of your team is anointed and that the Lord is in everything you do. That is a gift that people can feel when they interact with you. Thank you for all the encouragement and for believing in my project. I hope to work with you again!

Jo A. Simpson

Author, The Person Beside the Bed

Mary, I heard from a person whom I had not talked to in some time, Jo Walker Simpson. To learn of her book that your team is publishing is a delight. You definitely have raving fans, and we’re two among the many. You and your team stamp everything with excellence. Thank you for continuously pouring into life. You have made an indescribable, immeasurable, and unforgettable difference.

Dr. Sheila Bailey

Sheila B Ministries

Author, Makeovers with Leftovers

We did it! Thank you so very much for your creative and wise guidance that helped to bring this project home. I have truly enjoyed our synergistic relationship, and I am thrilled with the final product. I am sincerely grateful for your amazing work on Alive! and do hope that we can work again on another project sometime in the near future. Praise to our Lord for bringing us together.

Blessings to you,

Dr. Scott Stoll

Author, Alive!

This book is just excellent and so typical of your team. The editing, the video trailer, the dust jacket, and I could go on and on about the whole group. Incredible is the word! One day we will look back on all this and be astounded about what the Lord has done!

Winston Menzies

Author, The Spirit of Texas

Thanks, Mary. You've been such a huge blessing to me throughout all this, and I admire and respect your terrific, wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of all the factors that go into writing, editing, graphic design, publishing--just everything. Plus, and beyond all that, you're a pleasure to be with. It really has been a great ride!

Peggy (Mrs. Byron) Nelson

Author, Life with Lord Byron

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