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Jane De Haan


For the past two decades Jane has been meticulously reading through manuscripts inserting commas between independent clauses, flagging missing punctuation, marking widows and orphans, and deciding whether to hyphenate or not to hyphenate. What started out as a temporary job after graduating from Calvin College with degrees in psychology and education became a passion for the written word. Jane’s attention to detail and experience have made her an asset to publishers during the final stage in the publishing process.

 Over the years Jane has worked for several Christian publishing companies including Zondervan, Discovery House, Thomas Nelson, and David C Cook. In addition she has also worked for a college textbook publisher as well as a self-publishing company. A wide range of genres has crossed Jane’s desk during her career as a proofreader. These include novels, nonfiction, Bible commentaries, young adult fiction, children’s, biographies, and memoirs.

     Books and the written word find their way into other areas of Jane’s life as she is also an accomplished book artist and letterpress printer. Jane lives the lush, green Pacific Northwest where she enjoys hikes in the woods with her family and their big Bernese mountain dog, Eiger.

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