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Jenna Kruse

Copy Editor, Development Editor, Line Editor, Writer

Jenna Kruse earned her degree in English Writing from DePauw University, with a concentration in Creative Nonfiction. She is a detail-oriented, people-focused helper (Enneagram) who is passionate about communicating truth in a broken world. Solutions-driven, she is constantly curious about how she can use her skills to collaborate with others on reaching their full potential in all their creative endeavors.

       From 2017 to 2019, Jenna served as Managing Editor and Lead Copy Editor for Multiply Magazine, a faith-based online and in-print publication that was created to challenge, develop, inspire, and support believers who are ready to create, innovate, and pioneer movements that multiply the kingdom of heaven. In just a short time, the publication reached a community of 90,000 entrepreneurs, social impact-drivers, church planters, and artists under Jenna’s leadership.

       Since then, Jenna has launched her own blog at, where she writes about removing the scales and revealing God in your everyday life. One of her favorite ways to do that is to find the gospel in unlikely places, including in her own children’s secular screen time, and writing devotions that speak their language. You can find devotionals themed around what kids are already watching in the Disney Gospels tab of the blog.

       Additionally, Jenna has penned content published by Mops International, and she is a member of Hope*Writers, a community of working writers together balancing, according to their tagline, “the art of writing with the business of publishing.”

       She is a skilled development editor, copy editor, line editor, and copywriter, as well as an organizational guru, equipped to manage all phases of the editorial process. She is a wife and mother to three children and knows a thing or two about discipleship, youth ministry, church planting, and advocating for children in the foster system. She has a diversity of life experiences from which to draw in her writing and editing collaborations, and she would be grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

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