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Katherine Enderle


Generally sweet and soft-spoken, Katherine has been known to show another side of her personality when she sees signs with apostrophes in plurals or hears “him and me” used as a subject. She finds more humor than most at books like Eats, Shoots & Leaves and The Book of UnnecessaryQuotation Marks (but enjoys regular-folks books too). This eye for detail landed her a proofreading job in publishing seventeen years ago and has only gotten sharper.

Katherine also has experience in writing for suburban community newspapers, writing for a college public relations department, teaching writing to correctional institution inmates, teaching elementary school reading and writing, and teaching English as a Second Language in K-12, college, and adult settings. These experiences, along with an undergraduate degree in history, master’s degree in linguistics, Latin and other foreign language classes, and extensive reading and travel, have all contributed to a knowledge base she uses in her work. Growing up in a parsonage and then marrying into one hasn’t hurt either, supplying a steady stream of discussion on all things church-related.

Katherine’s proofreading for Christian publishing companies includes predominantly nonfiction books, but she has also been instrumental in the production of a new K-8 Christian day school curriculum. Authors Katherine has recently worked with include Andy Stanley, Ben Carson, Robby Gallaty, and Seth Haines. She considers it a privilege and a blessing to get paid to read the Bible and gifted Christians’ perspectives on it.

She and her husband make their home with their four wonderful (and grammatically competent) young adult children in the beautiful Driftless Region of western Wisconsin.

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