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Michelle Buckman

Writer, Editor

As the award-winning author of seven novels, Michelle Buckman understands writers’ love for their words and the immense effort they put into producing great books. She appreciates the unique vision each author has and knows the importance of maintaining the author’s voice.

Over the past thirty years, Michelle has written and edited manuscripts in a wide variety of genres. Novels are her passion and specialty, which is why she teaches fiction writing workshops at conferences online, around the States, and in Canada. However, a huge portion of her editing work tends to be religious books, varying from devotionals and Bible studies to religious history—assignments that stemmed from being the first-draft editor of the bestseller Champions of the Rosary by Fr. Donald Calloway. She has also worked on memoirs, true-life crime books, and two cookbooks.

Michelle can be hired to do basic copyediting, but her tendency is to encompass a combination of content and line editing, so that while she marks errors, she also strengthens the writing and the structure of the book and, in the case of fiction, characterization and plot. She is famous for how instructive her edits are, with comments providing explanations on every aspect of the edit, so that writers finish revisions with a wealth of understanding not only of minor punctuation but how various techniques draw readers further into the narrative. She uses Chicago Manual of Style and company style sheets.

Giving birth to a book is a very personal endeavor, which is why Michelle tends to become lifelong friends with most of her clients She remains in contact with them during revisions, answering questions when necessary and offering moral support about their revision choices, but also long afterwards as their writing careers continue. She shares their dream of blockbuster publications and rejoices in their success.


  • Women’s Fiction

  • Suspense

  • Mystery

  • Sci Fi

  • Romance

  • Young Adult Fiction

  • Children’s chapter books and picture books

Nonfiction, including:

  • Cookbooks

  • Memoirs

  • Bible Studies

  • Devotionals, Inspirational, and more

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