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Miguel A. Mesias

Translator, Adapter, Editor

Miguel Mesías is a freelance translator and editor specialized in Biblical and Theological writings, mainly from English into Spanish. For over fifty years he has served the Lord Almighty in the Gospel ministry as pastor, missionary, church planter, theological professor, and other ministry responsibilities. He also has over thirty years of experience translating biblical and theological writings. Beside other ministry activities, for the past two decades Dr. Mesias his main responsibility has been the biblical literature ministry, which includes translating, writing, editing, adapting, and text typesetting. He has translated over 800 books and major works for a number of evangelical ministries and ministers.

With twelve books published, his most recent book is From Jacob to Israel, simultaneously published both in English and Spanish versions.

Dr. Mesías and his wife of 53 years, Hedy, live in Shreveport, LA, and they have three daughters and two sons, nine grandchildren, and one great grandson.

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