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Debra West Smith

Proofreader, Copyeditor, Writer,

Compiler and Researcher

Debra has worked in both Christian and children’s publishing for over twenty years. Her writing experience includes biographies, historical novels, study guides, devotionals, magazine articles, and news features. Many of these were published by Crossway Books, Pelican Publishing, Starburst, Keys for Kids, and local newspapers. She has also written children’s Bible studies and adult teaching plans for Lifeway Christian Resources.

Her experience with proofreading and copyediting began at a printing company, which produced everything from insurance policies to wedding invitations. Attention to detail was imperative to producing correct copy and avoiding waste. Although some found the work tedious, Debra enjoyed the opportunities to edit newsletters and polish hastily written material provided by clients. These skills would later prove invaluable with proofreading and self-editing her manuscripts. Since becoming a freelancer, she has edited book manuscripts on an informal basis, compiled a cookbook, and proofed commentary for Lifeway studies.

Other work experience includes research for a collection of Civil War biographies (Pelican) and non-fiction 80+ articles for Adventure magazine (Lifeway, 1992-98).Debra has presented writing workshops for adults and numerous book presentations for young readers. She is proficient with digital imaging and PowerPoint.

Debra is a Louisiana native and has always been intrigued by history. Study tours of Israel, Greece, and Turkey, including volunteer work at a dig, increased her appreciation for archaeology as a window into biblical understanding. She now lives in Tennessee and has a Bachelor of Science degree in History and Communications from Middle Tennessee State University. She enjoys travel, photography, time with grandchildren, and teaching the Bible.

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