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A Caregiver's Workbook to Take Control

Lori Janacek, R.N.

Your loved one has just been 

diagnosed with Alzheimer's 

disease. The terrifying storm is 

coming! You can't hide. 

What do you do now?

The key to surviving the approaching storm is preparation. Getting ready in advance. Knowing what to expect. Having a practical plan in place. Finding effective ways to take control before the storm hits. 

Author Lori Janacek, RN, certified forensic nurse, and Alzheimer's specialist has a unique, interactive workbook to give you the help and easy-to-understand answers you need. Out of her 10 years' experience with Alzheimer's patients and families, Lori gives you the facts no one else is telling you-the facts to help you prepare for, manage, and navigate the difficult journey ahead.

     A handy 3-ring binder format that is expandable as needed. And so much more! The Alzheimer's! workbook is loaded with proven, commonsense solutions for day-to-day challenges you'll face as a caregiver as your loved one's disease progresses. There's truly no other resource available that is as practical and useful as this one. 

Begin taking control today. Get your copy of this extremely valuable 

workbook. Do it for your loved one. Do it for yourself.

And do it now . . . before the storm comes!

  • Cover: Ring-bound

  • Pages: 90

  • Price: $34.99


A Caregiver's Workbook to Take Control



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