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Appetite for Worship

Creating a Hunger for His Presence

Marina McLean

Foreword by John Kilpatrick

Have you ever tasted the 

wonder of true worship? Are 

you really sure?

If not, you may be missing the 

very best this life has to offer.

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty! Worthy is the Lamb. Worthy is the Lamb. You are holy. And you alone are worthy of our praise. Those words of adoration echo across the heavens and repeat and repeat down through the corridors of time from glory to everlasting glory.

Every living thing in heaven continually worships the God of Light¾from angels to beasts and elders. But while worship in heaven is, no doubt, astonishing, ultimate worship happens right here on earth. And through that worship we are drawn into the intimate presence of God himself, to the very throne of heaven.

The origin of worship began in the heavens,

but it was perfected here on earth.

     In Appetite for Worship, international worship leader and author Marina McLean leads us on a fascinating journey into the great banquet hall of God by exploring the spiritual feast we call worship. It's a celebration of devotion and eternal hope hosted by our Father.

     This is not simply a logical instruction book on how to worship. It's not a rehearsal of tired clichés and over-worked concepts. Instead, Appetite for Worship is a rich, personal encounter with the one who adores you, the one whose signature you bear, the one whose breath and life fill and sustain you. It's a delicious experience you'll never forget, and it will propel you forward in your search for life's deepest meaning and eternal life's highest joy.

This book will whet your appetite for worship, and you'll come away 

with a little taste of heaven.

Buy it. Consume it.

And live a life beyond your wildest expectation!

Appetite for Worship

Creating a Hunger for His Presence



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