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Life is Hard...

Or So You Think

Lynn Howell

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered,

“Is this all there is?

Surely there must be more 

to life than this!”

In times of desperation, it’s hard to believe anything better than what you’re experiencing here and now exists, right? The future seems uncertain and unclear, clouded by current struggles and life events. But a better life does exist . . . and you can have it right here and right now.

In Life Is Hard . . . Or So You Think, author Lynn Howell demonstrates how you can obtain the “peace that passes understanding.” Through powerful and poignant stories that vary from funny airport mishaps to tragic difficulties, such as the death of a loved one, Lynn provides guidance based on her personal and professional experience for moving past desperation to dependence on God.

Lynn’s writing is authentic and transparent, allowing you to easily relate to her, her life complications, and how she conquered them. Perhaps you will see yourself in similar situations and, in turn, find a relationship with Christ and the freedom He affords you, just as Lynn has done. 

Don’t pass up this chance for​ a better life.

You hold the secrets in your hand.

Buy this book today and find the treasure you seek.

Life is Hard.

Or So You Think



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