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Why Do You Hurt Me, God?

Discovering God and Life in the Midst of Pain

David J. Mathews

In the midst of life-numbing pain or grief, where is our All-Loving God?

And how do you go forward with living?

Life is inevitably struck by searing pain. 

Disease. Divorce. Death.

The “dirt” of life can be overwhelming at times. And during heart-stopping shock and the ongoing ache, it’s difficult to hang on to the concept of an all-loving God, isn’t it?

As Psalm 44 says in The Message,

Wake up, God! Don’t you care what happens to us? . . . Get up and come to our rescue. If you love us so much, Help us!

Have you ever felt that way? If so, welcome to the club, because every life

suffers pain and loss at some point.

In his book, Why Do You Hurt Me, God? author David Mathews helps you

explore this life-altering question in a unique, down-to-earth way. With a sometimes

light-hearted, sometimes heart-breaking touch, David leads you on a journey from

the valley of excruciating pain to the mountaintop of exhilarating praise. He helps

you work through the dilemma of life’s dirt, explaining,

There are some answers to life’s difficult questions, and God is certainly big

enough to handle those questions. If we stuff our true feelings when the dirt is

so overwhelming, and do not ask the tough questions, it may be easier to give up

on the God concept. But if we ask and are honest, we may discover some of the

answers, and God’s “wow-ness” can actually increase.

The dirt of life poses serious challenges to each of us. Why not come along

on the journey? Ask the difficult questions. Learn how to dust o the dirt and move

forward with confidence.

God is all-loving and can provide answers to your tough questions.

In fact, he’s the only one who can.

Why Do You Hurt Me, God?

David J. Mathews



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