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Making Your Literary Dreams Come True!

Proudly Representing Almost 300

Highly Skilled Publishing Professionals,

Vendors, and Independent Contractors

Welcome to Creative Enterprises Studio!

If this is your first visit with us, please wander on in. Stay awhile. Get to know us, and we hope you'll give us a chance to know you too. After you've meandered through our site, if you think our team might be a good fit for your project, we would be honored to serve you.

      If we have worked together in the past, then welcome back. We look forward to continuing our friendship and partnering with you on new projects.

Your Vision, Our Precision

A book is someone's dream come true. It's built on dozens of decisions that must fall perfectly in place and all at the right time. When it works, it's magic in print, audio, or electronic formats.

     To make a first-class book happen, though, is a lot of hard work and requires professional expertise, and that's why authors and publishers call us. We help clients turn their dreams into realities.

     We offer professional perspective when it may be hard for you to see the truth since you're so close to your manuscript. We help you broaden the concepts and possibilities when choices may seem a little too narrow. And we can help you see what's possible even before a manuscript exists.

     Why do we do what we do? Because you deserve to have your dream come true. We are dream makers. Why not let us help you realize your dream? Tell us your vision, and we'll use our precision to help you make it a reality. 

A Tradition of Excellence!

Creative Enterprises Studio (CES) is a community of almost three hundred independent contractors--seasoned publishing professionals, specializing in the production of top-quality printed books, audio and electronic books, music, and other products for traditional publishers, companies, corporations, ministries, churches, schools, and individuals. Together we offer hundreds of years' experience in the publishing industry. As independent contractors, we choose to work together as a team or as individuals, based on your specific need. We are pleased to present a brief overview of our services for your consideration.

     CES is not a traditional publisher. And we are not a "self"-publisher. We operate differently . . . on purpose, and we may be the only group in the industry that operates exactly as we do. We are the publishing services division of Books, Bach & Beyond, Inc., with full turnkey book publishing capabilities. We observe the same quality controls, protocols, and professionalism as traditional publishing, since that's where many of our freelancers were trained, producing first-class books and products with no short-cuts or cutting corners.

     The truth is, we have ink in our blood, and we fall in love with the written word all over again every day. It is both our privilege and our joy to help bring to light great stories, ideas, and teachings in the printed page through the editorial, production, printing, distribution, and promotional processes. Can you tell that we love what we do?

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