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The difference between the right word

and the nearly right word

is the same as that between lightning

and the lightning bug.

Mark Twain

I’m about three-quarters of the way through this edited manuscript but couldn’t wait any longer to send a quick note. Mary, thanks again for connecting us with such high-quality freelancers and for making the process so efficient.

Gene Skinner

Harvest House Publishers

Our publishing group can provide professional services to publishers, agents, acquisitions editors, companies, authors, compilers, general editors, composers, and others in a variety of ways, including but not limited to the ones listed on the pages linked below. Just click on the picture! If you don't see a service you need, please Contact Us and ask; we still may be able to help.


(Traditional or 


Agents and

General Editors


Mary, I'm thinking of you this season and am thankful for all that you provide to the publishing world, especially to me as a freelancer. God has blessed me and my family through you and CES.

Lisa Grimenstein

Freelance Editor

Thank you, Mary. So grateful for you and your whole team of amazing creatives!

Dirk Buursma

Senior Editor-at-Large


HarperCollins Christian Publishing



Web Sites


Companies, Schools, and/or



Mary, I look forward to a time where we can actively work together again. You and your team are the very best at what you do, and everyone here who has worked with you sing your praises.

Joey Paul

Senior Editor

Thomas Nelson

HarperCollins Christian Publishing

Mary, This is just a note to say that your editor did an AMAZING JOB on the edit for Champion. Oh, my goodness! That project had so many tiny details, and he checked everything. Also, I just went over the author’s review of the edit, and he was quite pleased as well. I love it when authors feel respected and that someone didn’t run roughshod over their words. Thank you again for being there for us!

Kim Moore

Senior Editor

Harvest House Publishers




I wanted to give you some feedback on your freelancer's work on this project. I am so very thankful you have such quality proofreaders and editors on your team. This freelancer is going on our preferred list for sure. Her work was extremely thorough and clear. When we send these manuscripts out, they are in first pages, so they've just been flowed into the design and minimally edited. She caught so many things for consistency, I was very impressed. It's relieving for me to be able to trust your editors to do work as excellently as this one did. Thank you very much!


Krista Wagner

Senior Managing Editor

Harper Christian Resources

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