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Creative Enterpri​ses Studio


Project Gallery

I love being a writer.

What I can't stand is the paperwork.

Peter de Vries

We believe it is best to let our work speak for itself. So we invite you to browse through our project gallery and listen to a few reviews from authors and publishers with whom we have worked or served. Perhaps you'll recognize some of them. We hope you enjoy the tour.

For more than thirty-five years, members of our group have been managing, researching, editing, proofreading, doing permissions and copyrights, obtaining endorsements, designing and typesetting, art directing, and supervising the printing of major trade books for the industry. This is only a small sample of the hundreds of titles on which we have been honored to serve either individually or as a team. You will, no doubt, recognize many of these books and authors as best-sellers, some even on the New York Times lists.

My longtime friend, Mary Hollingsworth, and her efficient team provided much-needed attention to detail in editing and putting the finishing touches on the final copy of my manuscript. Hats off to all you fine folks who have worked behind the scenes! My gratitude to each of you knows no bounds.

Chuck Swindoll,

Insight for Living

How great it was to work with you on I Grew Up Little! It wasn't an easy project for me, as you know, and I could never have made it through without your kindness, guidance, and suggestions. You'll always be "big" in my book!

Patsy Clairmont, Women of 


Thanks to Mary Hollingsworth, a most talented, loving editor, who graciously exhibited the patience of Job. She gently walked me through the editing, shaping process

And to Rhonda Lowry, thank you for your gracious dedication to Holding Her Head High and for going the extra mile. It was a joy working with you.

Janine Turner, actress

Thanks to your editorial team for their tireless efforts

in the editorial management process.

Your help made this book possible.

Ken Blanchard, author of The One-Minute Manager

Thanks for your part in Left at the Altar. You took an idea with a few chapters barely etched out and turned it into a book.

I have always loved this story, now I love the book!

Debbie Wickwire,

Acquisitions Editor

Thomas Nelson

Editing needs crediting. It's truly an art,

and you are all so gifted.

Kathy Trocolli and Dee Brestin