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Becca Hawkins

Editing, Proofreading

Having grown up in the gorgeous hills of the Pacific Northwest, Becca finds immense satisfaction in a well-spent rainy day talk with a friend over coffee or tea, especially if the subject involves languages or words. Gentle but also keen on precision of the smallest details, Becca found herself gaining experience working in publishing as an intern in her late high school and undergraduate years under the tutelage of highly professional editors before developing into a skilled editor herself with a passion for grammar.

Becca’s love for language and grammar also led her to obtain an undergraduate degree in English literature and a master’s degree in biblical languages. All of this experience in careful attention to detail has developed Becca into a well-rounded wordsmith and biblical language nerd who finds so much joy in using these abilities to help others.

Becca has experience proofreading, editing, and copyediting books in both Christian fiction and non-fiction of a wide variety. She adores the biblical languages and jumps at any chance to use them, including a time where she introduced a small class of people at her church to Hebrew while she was attending grad school.

She lives in Eugene, Oregon, where she spends her free time hiking, enjoying a book, sipping coffee, translating biblical passages for fun, and seeing movies with friends and family.

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