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Bob Hartig

Copyediting, Proofreading,

I wrote my first book when I was in second grade. Lacking marketing muscle, it enjoyed only a modest readership consisting of my mom and dad, my grandmother, and a few aunts and uncles. But it marked my beginning as a writer..

Later in life, I served for fourteen years as the copy manager for Zondervan. Then in 2007, I started my own business, The CopyFox, providing publishing houses and independent authors with these services:

  • Editing. As a line editor and copyeditor, I aim to help you not only perfect your book but also develop your ability as a writer.

  • Proofreading. I’m both quick and exacting. (“Saved this book’s bacon,” an editor once put it.)

  • Writing. I’m experienced writing book jacket copy for most categories. I’ve also written numerous articles and video scripts for national and regional Christian ministries.

Independent authors: Your book is more than just a project—it is your creation. It’s personal, and I treat it as such. I like to build friendships with my clients, creating trust that enhances creativity and makes the editorial process enjoyable and fruitful for both of us. Moreover, if your writing draws on the Bible, my knowledge of Scripture can serve you well.

Publishers: I prioritize meeting deadlines and often deliver ahead of schedule. Knowing the exigencies of book publishing, I provide fast turnarounds when I am able. Conversely, I won’t promise you something I don’t think I can deliver.

Besides my profession as an editor, proofreader, and writer, I’m also a jazz saxophonist, a storm chaser, and a nature lover. You can read my random and occasionally humorous writings about the outdoors, Christian spirituality, and anything else that crosses my twisted but harmless mind on my Fox’s World blog (

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