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Chastiny Lewis

Line Editor, Copy Editor, Proofreader

Chastiny Lewis started her freelance journey in 2016, after quitting her human resources job to write the first draft of a young adult fantasy novel. Her very first client was a Dallas-Fort Worth business startup blog, and since then she’s had the honor of writing for and editing a wide variety of digital and print projects. Print publications she’s worked on include Wisdom for Effective Communication by Chuck Finney with Jan Shober and A Girl Like Me, A God Like Him by Tara Seidman and Schalee Sanchez.

     Chastiny holds a bachelor’s degree in English, with an emphasis in Creative Writing, that she enjoys putting to good use. She takes deadlines seriously and prioritizes clear communication with her clients at all stages of a project.

     Before she dives into editing the second draft of her novel, Chastiny is currently writing a memoir about the many health struggles she’s had and publishing a chapter at a time on Kindle Vella. In her spare time, she enjoys dog sitting (which she says is like micro-traveling), going to see live music, thrift shopping, and exploring the DFW metroplex, where she currently resides.

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