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Craig Manning

Writer, Copy Editor, Proofreader,
Project Manager

Craig Manning is a versatile freelance writer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Rhetoric and Writing Studies, as well as a degree in Music with an emphasis in vocal performance. Since then, he has amassed a rich and varied writing resume that includes children’s books, music websites, marketing campaigns, trivia games, and even songwriting.

In the publishing world, Craig is the author of two children’s books with the Chicago-based publisher Sourcebooks. The first, The Great Easter Race, is a licensed Sesame Street product that incorporates the fable of the tortoise and the hare into the vibrant Sesame Street world. The second, My First Peanuts: 123: A Counting Adventure, is based on the beloved characters of Charles Schulz. Craig also worked as a project manager for Zondervan on their line of books for the Sony animated motion picture The Star.

Craig’s career as a writer has also taken him online, where he is a senior editor and regular contributor to multiple music websites. As a reviewer, interviewer, feature writer, and editor for these publications, Craig is known for his reflective, honest, and emotional writing style. He has also brought those skills to marketing campaigns for countless businesses and brands around the world. From blogs and SEO web copy to press releases and online bios, Craig helps brands reach their audiences by making strong appeals to emotion and logic. His sensitivity as a writer and his ability to put himself in the reader’s shoes are qualities that make him a vivid and unique content marketer.

As a full-time writer and a lifelong appreciator of words, Craig loves the process of immersing himself in different writerly worlds. His other interests and hobbies include singing, songwriting, running, playing guitar and piano, collecting vinyl records, going to concerts, and of course, reading books. He currently lives in Michigan with his wife and their two cats.


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