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Delia Nedelku

Writer, Editor,

She graduated Cum Laude from UT Dallas with a BA degree in Literary Studies. One of her most meaningful work experiences was working as a writing consultant in the learning lab at a local community college. In that capacity, she assessed, proofread, and edited essays for various disciplines. She taught writing and grammar classes as well as ESOL classes.

Some of her academic writing and editing/proofreading projects included enrollment verification letters, international program updates, recommendation letters for students and staff, nominations, performance reviews, program assessments, a dissertation (editing/proofreading only) and a graduate thesis for an independent study on teaching writing to college students. She also helped prep students for passing the writing section on standardized tests. Her father once enlisted her help with translating and editing work for an American Christian author on a book featuring Biblical eldership. She offers private tutoring/consulting sessions to anyone who wants to hone their language skills.

She is currently working on a memoir featuring God's faithfulness in her life as well as a cookbook. She enjoys knitting, cooking & baking, naturopathic medicine, American history, and keeping up with current events by reading the Epoch Times. She will never turn down a good cup of coffee, especially made and served with a father’s love.

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