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Elisa McWilliams


Elisa McWilliams is an experienced proofreader and copyeditor. She is a self-proclaimed “grammar nut” who loves to help authors communicate clearly with their readers by helping perfect their manuscripts.

Elisa graduated Bryan College in 2014 with a B.A. in English. While attending Bryan, she spent five years as a writing consultant, helping students research, formulate theses, organize their thoughts, find the right words, and cite sources properly. She loved being able to help stuck writers identify their next steps, so they walked away from the consultation with a clear sense of direction.

After college Elisa started proofreading for Peachtree Publishing Services, where she worked for two and a half years on dozens of Bible projects for Zondervan, Thomas Nelson, Tyndale, B&H Publishing, and others. She had the privilege of working on not just the Bible text but also the supplemental material. Elisa also worked on major trade books, including works by R. C. Sproul and John MacArthur.

Elisa now primarily does freelance proofreading and copyediting. She is well versed in the Chicago Manual of Style and the Christian Writer’s Manual of Style. When she’s not proofreading, she loves to read, dance, and spend time with her church family. She lives outside Atlanta, Georgia.

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