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Erin Palmer

Copy Editor, Proofreader, Researcher

Erin Palmer is a Nashville-based religious studies scholar who fell in love with editing. She holds a Masters of Theological Studies from Vanderbilt Divinity School and a BA in religious studies (and mathematics!) from Elon University. Erin’s wheelhouse is biblical studies—she is proficient in Koine Greek—and she is conversant in all areas of the academic study of religion and Christian theology and practice.

Erin has been informally editing her own and others’ scholarship for years. She began her formal editing career with internships on The Upper Room’s magazine team while earning her master’s degree. Erin continues to freelance as an editor and proofreader for The Upper Room Daily Devotional Guide and various other projects within the publishing house.

As an editor, Erin is passionate about serving both authors’ stories and readers’ needs. She believes in the incredible power of writing for sharing faith and human experience, and she is enthralled by the love-hate relationship she and so many others have with the craft of writing. Erin loves to help turn great ideas and great stories into great writing with the potential to affect many lives.

When Erin isn’t researching, writing, or editing, she explores Nashville, drinks coffee with friends, and escapes to the beach with loved ones whenever possible.

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