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Jennifer McNeil

Editor, Copy Editor, Proofreader

Jennifer is a freelance editor who is dedicated to bringing out the best in an author’s voice. She spent five years working in-house with Thomas Nelson publishers in Nashville, where she was a senior editor of nonfiction Christian books. Her years of developing projects from draft to print have given her unique insight and skill in preparing books to the highest possible professional standard.

In 2012 Jennifer set up shop as a freelance editor and has since worked on more than two hundred projects for major Christian publishing houses. Several of these books have become bestsellers, CBA winners, and even major motion pictures. Specializing in copyediting, proofreading, and developmental writing, Jennifer enjoys working on all genres from children’s to theology to history and the arts.

               Some of her books include:

                          Anything (Jennie Allen) CBA Winner

                          Red Letter Revolution (Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo)

                          Jesus Is (Judah Smith) NYT Bestseller

                          Heaven Is For Real (Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent) #1 NYT Bestseller

                          Bonhoeffer Student Edition (Eric Metaxas)

                          The Noticer (Andy Andrews)  

     In addition to her deep love of books, Jennifer leads a double life as a classical guitarist. She is an editor of Soundboard magazine (Guitar Foundation of America), administrative director of Boston GuitarFest (New England Conservatory), and an avid performer and educator. She holds a bachelor’s in music and English from Vanderbilt University and a master’s in music from New England Conservatory. Her second master’s in guitar is underway at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, Belgium, where she traveled as a fellow of the Belgian American Educational Foundation. These days, Jenn lives in Leuven, Belgium, where she enjoys Belgian pastry culture and fun with the Flemish language. 

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