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Jenny-Lyn de Klerk

Copyediting, Proofreading, Macro Editing

Jenny-Lyn has a BA (in Christian Studies; Ambrose University, Canada), MA (in Biblical & Theological Studies; Ambrose), ThM (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, USA), and PhD (in Historical Theology; MBTS). She currently works as the Senior Writer & Editor as well as the Puritan Project Assistant at Regent College (Vancouver, Canada).

Jenny-Lyn has loved reading, writing, and editing since she was young, and was known as the kid who was always trying to fix everyone’s grammar. She has always loved learning and discovered her passion for historical theology after becoming a Christian and experiencing her first year of Bible college. Her research has centered on seventeenth-century English Puritans (especially John Owen, Lucy Hutchinson, John Bunyan, and Agnes Beaumont), and her favorite authors are Jane Austen, C. S. Lewis, and J. I. Packer.

For the past five years, Jen has been working on the Puritan Project, which seeks to make Regent’s rare Puritan works (many donated by the late Dr. Packer) useful for students and library patrons, as well as researchers around the world. She manages acquisitions, preservation and conservation, research, and promotions. She also oversees The Writing Centre, which helps students improve their writing skills, and is the general editor for the library website.

Last year, Jen took on a second role at Regent—Senior Writer & Editor. Whatever is going out to the public must come through her first! She edits articles, art descriptions, news items, mass emails, and more; she is also the general editor for the college’s magazine, Regent World. In addition to her editing tasks, she writes articles, news items, and mass emails as needed.

Over the past five years, Jen has edited books as a freelance editor for Zondervan, Lexham Press, Wipf & Stock, and independent publishers. This experience has ranged from proofreading, to copyediting, to macro editing.

Jen’s book on Puritan women, Testimonies of Love, with Crossway is forthcoming (2022).

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