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Jordan Economidis

Curriculum Editor, Copy
Editor, Proofreader

Jordan Economidis is a freelance editor who specializes in copy editing and proofreading. Her background as an English teacher and writing tutor, as well as her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, prepared her perfectly to become a copy editor of curriculum materials. She worked for two years as copy editor at Responsive Education Solutions, a charter-school organization that publishes much of its own curricula. She enjoyed working with content-area authors to polish their exceptional writing to an even more exceptional shine. One curriculum author that she worked with even later sought her out to copy edit his own book: Famous Men and Women of the Civil War by Clark Highsmith.

Jordan likes everything about copy editing, but she especially enjoys the challenge of maintaining editorial consistency, and she has experience in sustaining that consistency across multiple related writings. She also loves the ability to learn something new through the works she edits. Her love for science was ignited for the first time through her work editing several science courses.

When she is not reading or learning, Jordan enjoys serving in her church, continuing her great-grandmother’s legacy of crocheting blankets, and instilling a love of God into her three lively daughters.

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