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Kathleen Rocheleau


When she was a little girl, Kathleen’s dream was to read all the books in the bookmobile that made its weekly visit to her neighborhood. She never achieved that goal, but now, as an indexer, she gets to read books before they even make it to the library!

With her love of books, Kathleen pursued a master’s degree in library and information science. She spent twelve years working in various types of libraries—public, academic, and special and found out the value of a good index. Life became crazy when she had two small daughters and a traveling husband, so when she stumbled upon an opportunity to take a workshop on book indexing, she thought it might be a perfect way to continue working in the “book world” but still be able to juggle family responsibilities.

That one-day workshop led to a career that allowed her to grow her business as her daughters grew up and still indulge her love of books. More than twenty years, 1900 books, and 180,000 pages later, she still gets excited with each new project. She loves the serendipity of indexing all types of books from textbooks about psychology or business, to scholarly books about religion or history, to trade books about sports, travel or hobbies. She takes pride in delivering accurate, thorough, and on-time indexes.

A lifelong New Englander, Kathleen loves to spend her spare time with her husband and daughters and their large extended family, travel, bike, hike, bake, read (fiction!), and is an active volunteer in her community.

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