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Kathleen Samuelson

Substantive Editing, Copyediting, Proofreading, Fiction and Nonfiction

Kathleen had every intention of becoming a high school English teacher after she received her bachelor’s degree in English and her teaching credential; however, her career track took a sharp turn when, fresh out of school in 1988, she was offered a job as an editor for a well-known publisher of consumer pet and hobby magazines. She worked her way up to Editorial Director, overseeing the content development, writing, editing, design, and production for a variety of trade, association, and consumer publications. She even founded a magazine that has become an entire book and magazine division for the publisher—a magazine you’ll find on newsstands in nearly every grocery and home-improvement store in the country.

After thirteen years, Kathleen moved to another publisher, this time in the small business Government-contracting arena, where she developed, edited, and wrote materials to help small businesses win contracts in the competitive world of government procurement. Kathleen also began to provide freelance writing and editing services to a variety of industries—until she and her husband moved their young family from California to Colorado.

In Colorado, Kathleen continued her publishing career as the Publications Director for CBA, the Association for Christian Retail, in Colorado Springs. During her time there, she refocused the association’s monthly print magazine and immersed herself in Christian publishing, music, gifts, and retail. The contacts she made became close friends and colleagues, instilling in her a love for Christian publishing.

After nearly a decade at CBA, Kathleen accepted the opportunity to work alongside some extraordinary Christian authors as the Director of Teaching and Mentoring for the Christian Writers Guild. Overseeing the process and watching students blossom under the tutelage of these great writers was an honor.

Kathleen’s next path on her journey led back to the world of government contracting—this time for a large defense- and aerospace-industry contractor—where she is the sole editor in charge of all editing on crucial multi-million- and billion-dollar contract proposals.

Kathleen never left the Christian publishing industry, though. She is a trusted, respected writer and editor, offering her freelance writing services to magazines, such as Publishers Weekly, Ministry Today, and Christian Retailing, and her editing services to Thomas Nelson (HarperCollins) and to independent authors.

Now, as a part of the Creative Enterprises Studio team, Kathleen looks forward to providing substantive book editing, copyediting, and proofreading (fiction and nonfiction), as well as consumer and trade magazine and association journal writing and editorial consulting services.

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