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Mary Kay Knox

Master Librarian Content Research Fact Verification

Mary Kay adds depth of research and accuracy to our team with more than thirty years as librarian. With a Bachelor of Science in Education, a Master of Education Administration, and Master of Library Science, she's a book lover to the core.

      Mary Kay's knowledge and expertise as a researcher is extensive, giving us the ability to verify facts and add content support as needed to books we are privileged to shepherd through the editorial processes.

     Mary Kay is also a media specialist. So her skills with computers, video, and other electronic media are extensive and valuable.

Currently a full-time librarian in the Dallas Public Library System, Mary Kay loves helping people find information they need and sharing her joy in the world of books. She serves as researcher and librarian for our team on such projects as the Let There Be Laughter series and the When Miracles Happen series (Guideposts Books).

     Mary Kay and her little chihuahua, Hanna Montana, live in Texas, but she spends a lot of time on the road to Oklahoma where her grandchildren live. You can connect with Mary Kay on Facebook.

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