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Matt Damica

Writing and Editing

Matt Damico is a writer and editor in Louisville, KY. His love of words and writing goes way back, but began to crystalize when, as a high school student, he got a job writing at the local newspaper. Through his undergraduate studies as an English major and into his graduate studies at Southern Seminary, his affinity and abilities as a writer and editor sharpened.

Matt has experience at every level of the writing and editing process. He has helped authors produce book proposals, he has overseen the production of multi-contributor books for Southern Seminary and other ministries, he has helped generate content for published works, and has served as copywriter and editor for an array of print materials, magazines, journals, articles, book reviews, and books for various organizations, ministries, and churches.

His specialty is in writing and editing content that is related to theology, biblical studies, academics, and ministries. He has helped produce books aimed at high school and college students, seminary students, pastors, academics, and people of all ages.

Matt has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Minnesota, and a Master of Divinity from Southern Seminary.

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