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Natalie J. Block

Bible Editor, Content Editor, Copy Editor

Natalie has been a freelance Bible editor for nearly twenty years. She especially enjoys the detail and Bible knowledge required for study Bibles. She has experience in mapping, researching, writing, content editing, copyediting, light theological editing, indexing, compiling, and proofreading.

Natalie has worked on over fifty Bibles, including more than fifteen study Bibles, some of which include:

  • The Zondervan Study Bible (Zondervan, 2015)

  • NIV First-Century Study Bible (Zondervan, 2014)

  • NIV Quest Study Bible (Zondervan, 2011)

  • NIV Study Bible (Zondervan, 2011)

  • NIV Case for Christ Study Bible (Zondervan, 2009)

  • NIV Study Bible (Zondervan, 2008)

  • Zondervan TNIV Study Bible (Zondervan, 2006)

  • Faith in Action Study Bible (Zondervan, 2005)

  • NIV Archaeological Study Bible (Zondervan, 2005), winner of the 2007 ECPA Christian Book Award, Bible category

  • NIV Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible (Zondervan, 2003)  

     Natalie’s writing experience includes:

  • Devotions (two) for The Grandmother’s Bible (Zondervan, 2008)

  • Bible book introductions (Genesis–Revelation) for the Faith in Action Study Bible (Zondervan, 2005)

  • Entering God’s Presence, an 87-page Bible study on prayer, part of the devotional series “A Mom’s Ordinary Day” (Zondervan, 2003)

  • “Enjoying God,” a collection of 52 Bible studies included in the Women of Faith Study Bible (Zondervan, 2001)

     Natalie’s detail-oriented nature, Bible knowledge, and passion for God’s Word make her an excellent resource for publishers of Bibles and devotionals. Editors praise Natalie’s competence, eye for detail, and her ability to strengthen and raise the quality of the content. Some of the comments made about her and her work include:

  • “I’m a fairly detail-oriented person myself, but not nearly to the extent you are, and I really rely on you to catch those tweaks I would otherwise miss. … Your work ethic and dedication are outstanding.”

  • “The Z editor [Natalie] is obviously very competent. Thank God for her.”

  • “I believe it was Natalie who last looked at these. Please convey my thanks to her; she caught many an error and strengthened these enormously! She did very good work.”

  • “Just wanted to let you know that [the general editor] wanted to send his congratulations along to you for your ‘outstanding work’ in translating all of his changes to the text for the NIV Study Bible 2008. He literally gushed, saying that of all the revisions he’s done, your work on this one was the best ever. He said, ‘Please let her know how much I appreciate her excellent work.’ Thanks again, Natalie, for all you do for and with us [to] create products that delight consumers.”

  • “I kid you not when I say that these projects would be of a much lower quality without your doing what you do so well.” 

     Natalie and her husband live near Cadillac, Michigan. She enjoys flower gardening, reading, and restoring their thirty-acre property to native grasses and wildflowers.

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