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Rebekah Pahl

Editing and Proofreading

Rebekah Pahl is a writer and editor living in Nashville, TN. She graduated from Wheaton College in 2011 with a double major in Communication and Theology.

     She possesses a wide range of experience in both copyediting and writing for various formats, such as podcast transcripts, websites, Kickstarter campaigns, social media platforms, blogs, and book manuscripts. She has written for non-profit organizations, such as Invisible Children, worked as a proofreader for the Tennessee State Capitol, and been a frequent contributor to Darling Magazine. She also happens to be the 2007 Lincoln Douglas Debate Texas State Champion.

With a natural bent for amplifying individuality and nuance, Rebekah blends her intuition, emotional awareness, and editing knowledge to create a meaningful experience for her clients. She is currently accepting clients for proofreading and copyediting projects.

Contact Rebekah at:

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