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Rhonda Lowry

Copyrights, Permissions, Cataloging-in-Publication Data, Photograph and Story Research

Rhonda is a twenty-two-year publishing professional, specializing in the legalities of researching, negotiating, and contracting permissions for high-profile authors and publishers. Her expertise includes content, photo, and cartoon research, as well as book compilation, online applications for copyrights and Cataloging-in-Publication data, and seeking and securing endorsements.

Rhonda's clients include such authors as Max Lucado, Charles Swindoll, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Women of Faith, actress Janine Turner, and many others. Rhonda is considered a guru of publishing legalities.

          Authors think the hard part is writing the book, but obtaining

          rights and permissions is often just as difficult. Permissions require excellence in a million details, 

          legal and  otherwise, along with a

          good dose of abilities in negotiation and strategic compromise.

          It's a necessary evil of book publishing. Authors hate it. Editors

          loathe it. And so someone like Rhonda, who brings to it not only excellence and experience, but 

          also   enthusiasm, is a godsend.

          Time and again she has not only procured that most-necessary

          but difficult-to-obtain permission, but also has done it at a fraction

          of expected cost. So many best-selling books have been in her

          hands, and she has always done such a marvelous job with each

          one of them. She achieves great results, is personable, and a real expert. I would hire her again in a                          second for any project.

Thom Chittom, Production Editor

Thomas Nelson, Inc.

     Rhonda has a Bachelor of Science in Education and a specialization in reading from Texas Tech University. She also has a Master's in Library Science. So it's no wonder she is also author of several books, such as Heaven in My Heart, Hugs for the Heart, Treasury of Christian Classics for Children, Where Angels Dwell, and about thirty-five more. She has also been involved in the development of such well-known projects as Veggie Tales Bible Mania.

     A delightful, upbeat, and capable pro, Rhonda also enjoys square dancing and is an award-winning animal rescue volunteer. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

"The objective of copyright is to promote and spread creativity,

as well as balancing the interests of the copyright owners and users."

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