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Shauna Perez

Editor, Copy-Editor, Proofreader

In learning about writing at Harding University, Shauna loved putting into practice the many nuggets of wisdom from Strunk and White's The Elements of Style. Finishing her English degree with an internship with Zondervan Publishing House gave her the opportunity to employ the skills she had developed in college to parse and clarify good writing.

Following her internship, she served a short time as an editorial assistant before transitioning to freelance work upon the birth of her first child. Her early work demonstrated eyes for the big picture, where she loved to bring together disparate elements into a cohesive whole. She helped clean out repetition and smooth the transitions for testimonials in Recovering from Churches that Abuse, while her editing of Designing Women's Ministries entailed stitching together the work of three authors.

     A move away from Zondervan's headquarters and several years of homeschooling intervened. In 2013 she finally settled back into the role of wordsmith, returning to freelance editing and proofreading work. In that time, she has edited bestselling authors such as John Ortberg and Karen Ehman, including the New York Times Bestseller in Relationships, Keep It Shut (February-April 2015).

     A special love for fact checking has also come in handy when proofreading heavily documented works, such as The Question That Never Goes Away by Philip Yancey. Always ready to learn, her work has focused on nonfiction trade and devotional works, including some experience with academic biblical works. "I have surmised that I have an intrinsic desire to bring order to the world I encounter, be it picking up some bit of litter at the parks I frequent or cleaning up a manuscript to bring out the beauty of the ideas it communicates. Let me help you put your vision into words to remember!"

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