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Sheryl Moon

Proofreading, Copyediting

Sheryl’s diverse career in publishing spans more than twenty years. With an undergrad degree in education, a year as a teacher at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei, Taiwan, and then the next eight years as the Director of Youth and Education for a large church, she brings a solid background in education to all of her projects. Her transition to publishing began as she completed a master’s degree in communications and started authoring video curriculum leader and participant guides for Zondervan including projects with Philip Yancey, Larry Crabb, Cloud & Townsend, Les & Leslie Parrott, and Women of Faith. She expanded her work with Zondervan by partnering with the New Media division, abridging manuscripts for audio production, many times having to cut as much as fifty percent of the original content while still maintaining the intent and integrity of the author. During this time she also became one of Zondervan’s primary proof listeners for accuracy and technological precision.

 In 2000 Sheryl began working as a proofreader for Zondervan and has worked on numerous titles in trade, academics, fiction, and non-fiction. Highly organized with an eye for detail, she is focused and timely, which is especially convenient when your projects need a quick turnaround. She reads even when she is not working and is open working on nearly any type of content. That’s what she loves about freelancing; it allows her to read many books she may never have even considered!

          Sheryl has written several video curriculums, ghostwritten a couple of books, and provided creative input as well as a variety of editorial services for print and electronic medium in conjunction with the Bright Media Foundation, Turning Point Productions, the Henry Brandt Foundation, Andre Cole Ministries,,,, Beth Yoe’s Sharing Bread, and Phil Wiegand’s ministry.

          Living in a diverse community in Michigan with her husband and two children, God continues to keep her from getting too complacent with life as she spends time volunteering in the local high school.

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