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Stephanie Juliot

Editor, Proofreader,

Stephanie is a lifelong learner with a heart to see the word of God proclaimed clearly, accurately, and creatively throughout the world. She is finishing up a Master of Divinity at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (2 credits away!) and holds a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Languages from Moody Bible Institute. There, a beloved biblical studies professor told her she should “write Bible commentaries for the rest of her life.”

Taking this encouragement as a commissioning, Stephanie has devoted herself to making the highest quality biblical and theological resources available for academics, practitioners, and laypeople alike. With 6+ years deep in the bowels of two of the world’s finest evangelical institutions of higher education—literally, since she made her home in the basement libraries of each—and 9+ years teaching and making disciples, she is uniquely equipped to bridge the gap between the academy and the local church.

Stephanie’s passion and expertise are in the area of biblical studies. She maintains advanced proficiency in Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. She has worked as a graduate assistant for 4 years and counting, in which role she acted as a research assistant and edited the manuscript of a forthcoming textbook on the Prophets. As a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and a student of prolific scholars such as D. A. Carson, Constantine Campbell, and John Woodbridge, she is up to date on the language, methods, and concerns of the academic community.

While biblical studies is her bread and butter, Stephanie also has formal training in theology (biblical, systematic, and historical), church history, preaching and teaching, Christian counseling, and spiritual formation. She is a 2019 recipient of Preaching Today’s Biblical Preaching Award, a contributor to the website Books at a Glance, and a long-time editor for the students of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Her extensive academic training, experience as an editor and writer, committed participation in the community of God’s people, delight in the well-written word, and attention to detail have equipped her to make a valuable contribution to the field of Christian publishing.

Stephanie works from the shores of Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, where she lives with her husband, Andrew. When their noses aren’t buried in books, they spend their days walking, cooking, playing board games, and water skiing.

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