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Travis Johnson

Video Trailers, Websites,
Social Media Platform Design

Born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, I became a multi-instrumentalist when I was in grade school. As years went by, I continued to expand my artistic résumé. During my time at college, I taught myself how to sing and shortly thereafter, taught myself how to produce music. As a well-rounded musician, I started to get into video editing and animation so I could produce my own music videos. My father, author of Roasting Karma, had asked me to design a trailer for his book. Having never even seen a book trailer before, I agreed but under the circumstances that he allow me to have co-creative control. I saw most book trailers were very dated and tacky, so I decided to take a fresh approach to the project. Having had a background in music and production, I chose to combine my talents to assemble my own style of book trailer. Starting off with writing, recording, and 

producing music that shared the emotions I got from the premise of the book, I then constructed the video composition around the music. With the addition of cinematic sound effects and an animated revelation of the book at the end, what came into fruition was the type of trailer you would see for a feature film at the movies, mixed with the elements of a music video. Having spoken with many authors afterward, I was informed that many of them struggled with the post-production marketing of their books. In that moment I realized my calling. Thus, Theatrical Book Trailers was born.

       We specialize in producing trailers that stand out above the rest. With the look, sound, and feel of a cinematic trailer, we are sure to help you grab the attention of your future consumer. Not only do we specialize in theatrical-styled trailers, but we write and produce a custom soundtrack exclusive to your book. Our soundtracks are written to express the emotions attained from the premise of your book. With custom music as the foundation, the visuals are then built to showcase your book on an ocular scale. Complete with sound effects and an animated book reveal, Theatrical Book Trailers is the full package. Now offering a special VIP marketing package that includes a Theatrical Book Trailer, an advanced author website, a 30-second social media mini trailer, a book backgrounder, and a social media platform design.

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