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Will Cunningham

Author, Writer, Ghostwriter,
Collaborator, Curator,

Will Cunningham is the author of How to Enjoy A Family Fight (Questar, 1988, Self-help); It Happened At The Sunset Grille (Thomas-Nelson, 1993, Novel); Letters From The Other Side (Thomas-Nelson, 1995, Novel); Sins Of The Fathers (Thomas Nelson, 1997, Novel); How To Win A Family Fight (Multnomah, 2006,1988, Self-Help); and Magnet Ass And The Stone-Cold Truck Hunters (Amazon, 2018, a Vietnam memoir). But Will's real love is children's stories, and his gifts are best showcased in his work as the creator, curator, and narrator of Mister Cricket's Fire Fables (Spotify, 2019). For a first taste of these tales, listen to Why the Black Bear Eats Everything and Why the Firefly Shines at Night. Or just explore on your own and enjoy all twelve of these delightful and insightful gems.

     Will received his B.A. in English from Oklahoma State University, his M.A. in marriage counseling from Denver seminary, and has practiced as a counselor since 1985. He has also been the dean of a college preparatory high school in Denver, CO, as well as a long-time director at Kanakuk Kamps, our nation's premier Christian sports camp. Will and his wife, Cindy, recently retired to be grandparents and continue their careers in speaking and writing. They now live in Searcy, AR, and enjoy fishing, hiking, and canoeing.

Will is an elder in his church, where he and Cindy help lead the marriage ministry. He speaks regularly on topics such as conflict resolution, leadership, team-building, and marital enrichment. Will seeks God daily and writes from the overflow of his heart. His style is earthy, warm, encouraging, imaginative, and whimsical. Samples of his work can be found on his website, Listeners will especially enjoy The Nine Lives of Nathan Katz and Henry and the Horrible Thing.

      As a counselor with thirty-five years’ experience, Will has learned to listen. Will is also a proven storyteller. So, if you have a story to tell but simply need help telling it, Will would be delighted to listen to your thoughts, honor your creativity, help you write your book, and smile when you receive applause.

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