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Warehousing & Shipping

Creative Enterprises Studio is pleased to offer warehousing and shipping services to our individual book, CD, and audio publishers through our partner Sweet Distributers. Since most individuals do not have access to these facilities and services, we believe this asset will make life so much easier. So we're happy to provide this benefit at potentially little cost to you.

Direct Printer-to-Warehouse Delivery

Your books or audio products will be delivered by the printer directly to a modern warehouse facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The products will be stored and handled by professional warehousing/shipping personnel, who have extensive experience in packaging and shipping books and book products.

Automated Processing

Customers can order your books or products directly from your website or online from Orders can be forwarded directly to the warehouse for fulfillment, or our warehouse personnel will gladly monitor your website for you and automatically ship orders you receive.


Same-Day Shipping

Orders received before noon CST/CDT Monday-Friday, except holidays, will be shipped the same day to your customer via UPS or US mail, whichever is most appropriate. Orders received after noon CST will be shipped the same day, if time allows; otherwise, they will be shipped the next business day.

Shipping in Your Name

If preferred, your books or products can be shipped using your personal shipping label and personalized packing slip and shipping documents. The warehouse will create these documents for you, using your company or personal logo and your contact information. Books published under the Creative Enterprises Studio name will bear our logo.

Low Pricing

These services are provided at extremely low, or perhaps no cost to you as the publisher of the product(s). Your costs can likely be incorporated into the shipping/handling charges paid by the purchaser of the product via your website. Since each book or product is different, these details will need to be worked out for you personally.

Transfer Your Inventory to Our Warehouse

If you have books or products stored in another facility, even though those books or products were not produced by Creative Enterprises Studio, we will still be happy to warehouse and ship your products for you. You may transfer your entire inventory to Sweet Distributors, as other authors and companies have done, finding our costs and services too good to pass up. This arrangement elminates the hassles of your having to constantly monitor your incoming orders, purchase shipping supplies, package them, and take them to the post office. Sweet will monitor your website and Amazon account for you, automatically shipping your books and products. Inventory reports are issued regularly so you can stay on top of reprinting as needed.


For other questions about Creative Enterprises Studio's warehousing/shipping your particular book or product, please Contact Us.

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