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Companies, Schools,

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Creative Enterprises Studio will be happy to help your company, school, nonprofit, or other organization to produce books, training manuals, and other special printed pieces you may need. Just give us a call, and we can explore how our group may be of help to you and your staff. Our team includes members with . . .

  • business degrees

  • English degrees

  • teaching degrees

  • printing, binding expertise

  • project management experience

  • history degrees

  • psychology degrees

  • master librarians

  • seminary graduates

  • Bible curriculum and language experts

  • certified photographers

  • published authors

  • design, typesetting, graphic arts

  • indexing expertise

  • transcription experience

  • school or company promotionalvideo trailers

  • Websites for schools, organizations, or small companies

  • warehousing and shipping capabilities

  • experience and skills

  • and other unique areas of expertise

We will be happy to use any or all of our abilities to assist you in creating and producing the printed pieces, books, audio, or video promotion products you may need. We also offer all the services listed in this site to schools, organizations, and companies. We hope we can be of service to you.

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