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Authors, Compilers,
General Editors

Do you have a great book idea, but you need professional assistance in fine-tuning the concepts, structure, storyline, or research?

Maybe you need a Publishing Coach to guide you through the maze of publishing processes, contract negotiations, and myriad other details?

You may need help creating a winning formal book proposal to submit to a literary agent.


Or are you looking for a way to get your book published independently, perhaps without going through a traditional publisher?


If so, Creative Enterprises Studio is here to work with you to achieve your personal writing and publishing goals by offering the following broad spectrum of services and skills:

  • Turnkey Assistance. High-quality, turnkey publishing services for individuals. We offer the next best thing to traditional publishing available in the industry today, using standard publishing schedules and processes. No shortcuts. No quick-and-cheap methods. No cutting corners. Most of our team members were trained in traditional publishing houses, and we bring that experience and training to you and your project. We are not willing to do less.

  • Publishing Coach. Personalized guidance and mentoring through the entire publishing process, teaching you the ropes of this complicated industry and helping you avoid the many pitfalls of individual publishing

  • Publisher's Name. If preferred, we can add our publishing logo to your book, along with our ISBN and barcode, so your book is more easily marketed through standard book-selling channels and can possibly obtain reviews in trade publications

  • Research for your book, including powerful stories on your topic, research science and/or studies to support your book, if possible, quotations, anecdotes, cartoons, and the like

  • Co-authoring or ghost writing your entire book, if needed

  • Translating your book into a dozen different foreign languages, such as Spanish, German, French, Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, and others

  • Book Proposal. Preparing or assisting in the preparation of a formal book proposal for presentation to an agent or publishing house

  • Photograph research, utilizing our access to major journalistic photo libraries, such as Reuter’s, Associated Press, the White House, and other resources

  • Cartoon research, including syndicates and individual cartoonists

  • Marketing/Promotion. We can connect you with an experienced and highly qualified publicist to help you market and promote your book

  • Securing Cataloging-in-Publication data and filing copyright applications

  • Listing your book in Books In Print and other industry references

  • Reviewing your manuscript to identify needed legal permissions for quoted material

  • Permissions. Researching and contracting permissions for you

  • Endorsements. Seeking and obtaining endorsements for your book

  • Cover copy. Writing cover and flap copy

  • Interior design and typesetting

  • Kindle, iPad, Nook. Formatting book texts for electronic readers

  • Specialized editing--developmental, substantive, copy, line, Bible language, fiction and nonfiction, children’s, and others as required

  • Proofreading. Seasoned top-line proofreaders

  • Endnotes. Verifying and preparing endnotes and/or bibliographies

  • Indexing (alphabetical, topical, or other)

  • Printing/Binding. Printing, binding, packaging, and delivery of final books

  • Warehousing and shipping your books for you at little or no cost to you

  • Print-On-Demand capabilities

  • e-Book. We can help you develop and publish your book as an e-Book

  • Other editorial skills as required

  • Book Video Trailers. Creating high-quality, professionalbook video trailers

  • Web site. We can build a personalizedwebsitewith a shopping cart system through which you can promote and sell your book.

  • Marketing assistance. We can help you market your book through our marketing and promotion partners, as well as adding your book to the Creative Enterprises Studio product store, listing it on,, through email blasts, announcing it via our extensive social media contacts, and other ways.

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