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Inside Lucifer's War

Byron J. Smith

"Empty, cold, and afraid, I hear a chanting in a tongue I do not recognize or understand. Then I hear an evil laughter over the chants, a laughter that sends a chill down my spine." 

Dr. Thomas Fields, renowned writer, political science professor, and champion of atheism, awakes in the horrifying presence of Lucifer—Satan himself—and his despicable disciples. And life as Thomas has known it ceases to exist. 

Lucifer has a master plan for Thomas, but first he must force Thomas to worship him alone. Suddenly Thomas lands in the midst of the Principal—a secret organization dedicated to controlling the world under the guise of creating “peace.”

The Principal’s true mission is to crush Christianity and its followers. But they need Dr. Fields to accomplish their mission. That mission could cost the lives of the friends Thomas loves and ultimately all Christians. 

A riveting story of spiritual fiction…or is it?

What if it’s really true? You decide.

  • Trim: 6.0" x 9.0"

  • Cover: Softcover

  • Pages: 240

  • Price: $16.99

Inside Lucifer's War

A Fiction Novel



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