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The Spirit of Texas!

The Astonishing Story of Pioneer Rancher's Family & Their Mighty State

Winston Menzies

Texas! It's not just a majestic place, but it's a magnificent people! An attitude. A way of life. An undeniable spirit--the spirit of winning. William Menzies was a not-so-typical West Texas rancher.

His story, told by his great-grandson, is a powerful saga of struggling with life, wrestling with unforgiving elements of nature, impacting Texas history and ranching, and rearing a large family of survivors. It's a tale of perseverance, overcoming, and eventual triumph.

When you read The Spirit of Texas, you will be fascinated by these features:

  • More than 170 original Texas photographs!

  • Astonishing true stories of the rambunctious old West.

  • Details of Texas events never before told.

  • An enlightening account of Texas history that is accurate, exciting, and engtertaining.

  • An inside look at the rough-and-ready ranchers and cattlemen who tried to tame the wild West Tedxas plains.

You will never view Texas the same way again.

It will become bigger than life to you--

perhaps almost as big as the actual truth!

  • 6" x 9"

  • Hardcover with full-color dust jacket

  • 272 pages

  • $29.95

The Spirit of Texas!

The Astonishing Story of a Pioneer Rancher's Family & Their Mighty State



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