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As an agent or acquisitions editor, perhaps you've found an author with a great book idea, but the author needs help developing the book to its fullest potential before you can accept or promote it. At Creative Enterprises Studio we have helped dozens of promising authors create bestselling works, teaming up with the agent or acquisitions editor. It will be our pleasure to work with you and your author in whatever ways you may need.

Following are some of the services and skills we offer. Or if you don't see something you need If you don't see what you need, Contact Us. We may still be able to help.

  • Assisting you and your authors in preparing formal book proposals for successful presentation to publishers

  • Book doctoring, structural analysis, macro and content editing

  • Co-authoring or ghost writing

  • Research for your authors' books, including powerful stories on their topics, research science and/or studies to support the book's premise, if possible, quotations, anecdotes, cartoons, and the like

  • Photo research, utilizing our access to major journalistic photo libraries, such as Reuter’s, Associated Press, the White House, and others

  • Cartoon research, including syndicates and individual cartoonists

  • Reviewing manuscripts to identify needed copyright permissions for quoted material

  • Researching, negotiating, and contracting copyright permissions for your authors

  • Seeking and obtaining endorsements for your authors's books

  • Other editorial skills as required

  • Formatting book texts for the Kindle reader

  • Translating book texts into a dozen different foreign languages, such as Spanish, German, French, Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, and others

  • Creating high-quality, professional book video trailers

  • Building websites for authors and small businesses with online store and sales capability

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