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When Experience Counts,
You Can Count on Us

The job of editor . . . is the dullest, hardest,

most exciting, exasperating,

and rewarding of perhaps any job in the world. 

John Hall Wheelock

At Creative Enterprises Studio we focus on you and your publishing needs. Understanding the inner workings of the publishing industry, because many of us have been trained and worked in traditional publishing companies, we are deadline oriented, and we're known for producing high-quality products on time. Because of that we have a substantial amount of repeat business for which we are grateful.

              When you first contact Creative Enterprises Studio, you will likely speak with our publisher, who will answer your questions and help connect you with the right team members to assist you properly with your project.

              We offer a wide range of publishing services. As you look through the major services click below, you will see the names and faces of members of our team.

For information about other services not listed below, or if you don't see the freelancer you're looking for, please 

Contact Us.

              This part of our service and list of freelancers is constantly changing, so please check back often.

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Mary Hollingsworth


Author Coaching

Book Compiling

Mary Hollingsworth

Rhonda Lowry

Debra Smith

Entire CES Editorial Team

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Copyrights and Legalities

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Photograph and Literary Research

Printing and Binding

Warehousing and Fulfillment

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Website Creation

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